What we do

Work with individuals, organizations and companies to identify knowledge gaps and dynamics that prevent them from achieving their goals

Equip leaders with tools, frameworks and resources to achieve long-term change

Build and facilitate transformative leadership programs to create systemic and sustainable change

Develop operational strategies to mobilize networks and stakeholders so they can scale up impact

How we do it

Learning occurs through action and deliberate practice. In order to maximize human potential, we use multiple models to approach complex problems. Our goal is to build customized programs that consist of contextual intelligence, practical wisdom, and proven frameworks from social science and cross-cultural knowledge. We translate complexity into simplicity and use multiframe approaches to navigate the social, economic, and political complexity of our time.

This approach includes experiential learning methods, conscious self-reflection, and interactive program modules. These approaches have been developed using the latest research in the areas of social psychology, communications, systems thinking, chaos and complexity theory, dynamical systems theory, and action implementation research. All of our tools and frameworks are continually tested, adapted, and evaluated.

We work with those who engage to make a measurable difference. Each person, when given the appropriate tools, can unleash his or her leadership potential by drawing on his or her values, creativity, and power for strategic action through innovative methodologies.

Why we do it

We live in a time of accelerating change. We recognize the urgency of the situation and the need to take immediate action. But we lack collaborative processes, strong leadership, and skill sets required to achieve large-scale impact.

Finding solutions to the world’s most urgent problems–– inclusive economic growth, sustainability, and building resilience–– depends on our capacity to design and implement programs that will transform institutions and social structures by addressing immediate and underlying causes.

All of us, whether working on the individual, community or global level, can generate transformative results.

Leadership for New Emergence guides individuals and organizations to develop the tools and practices necessary for creating sustainable and large-scale change in a rapidly changing world.