“Leadership for New Emergence taught me to embody a set of leadership skills that my executive graduate program at an Ivy League university was short of. The tools and knowledge on perspectivist leadership I acquired will help me move from commitment to strategic action in what I care about the most, improving the lives of the most vulnerable children. Facilitators Kobi Skolnick and Prateek Awasthi put together a very thoughtful curriculum that made every hour spent with the group certainly worthy.”

Alicia Marin
Communications Specialist in Public Advocacy – UNICEF

“Kobi’s work is truly transformative. By working on multiple levels (individual, relational, societal), his methods for mediation and leadership training build a base for sustainable, meaningful change.

I participated in a Leadership for New Emergence workshop that Kobi co-led in Boston in 2013, and have been fortunate enough to collaborate with him on several research endeavors.

As a leader and trainer, Kobi works at multiple levels to induce meaningful dialogue and help build an infrastructure for change that can be applied across many areas. Kobi helps foster space that allows for emergence and transformation, truly living up to the title of his workshops. Rather than teaching leadership skills, he helps them emerge within his students, creating the basis for sustainable change.

As a researcher and thinker, Kobi is tireless. He has an impressive ability to synthesize information from across disciplines and draw meaningful and informative connections. These connections are informative not only in and of themselves, but illuminate new perspectives from which to understand the component parts.

Rather than providing Band-Aids or stopgaps, Kobi uses his formidable insight and skills to go to the core of the issue and build infrastructures in which true transformation can emerge.”

Alea Skwara
PhD in Psychology at UC Davis

“I had the pleasure to co-facilitate a weekend workshop with Kobi a few years ago. The context of the program itself was very challenging, and I was highly impressed with Kobi’s ability to create safe and generative space for the participants to navigate the challenges. With his support, they were able to surface old conflicts and talk about issues authentically and productively.

What I like most about working with Kobi is his cultural humility and passion for collaborating on large projects that transform individuals, organizations, and society. I would welcome the opportunity to collaborate with him again.”

Martha Lasley
Co-founder of Leadership That Works

“I have known Kobi Skolnick for the better part of a decade and have had the opportunity to collaborate on many levels. Most recently, I have been a participant in Kobi’s leadership seminars, Manifest Change: Learning in Action, which have been transformative and instrumental to my development as an agent for social change. I am inspired by Kobi’s discipline, diligence, and passion for humanity. As a leader he is most effective in uniting diverse communities and in generating opportunities for sustainable and equitable change. Kobi is a positive force in the planetary-wide social transformation that is afoot.”

Vernice Miler
Adjunct Lecturer at John Jay College

“The Leadership for New Emergence program works on multiple levels to develop both its participants and its participants’ leadership capacity as a whole. It provides the tools and frameworks needed to imagine issues differently, to see your way around institutional challenges, and to develop proven individual capacities to become a better leader. In solidarity with other established and emerging leaders, the program provides the means, the ways, and the space and time to think through breakthrough goals and to begin laying the foundations for their inception. Through the research-driven, applicable methodology and the thoughtful connections with other carefully selected, passionate, motivated individuals, Leadership for New Emergence leaves you with nothing less than a transformative experience, methods to talk about your work with others, and a clear action plan for moving forward.

Kobi Skolnick is a visionary leader. His own body of work as well as the inspiring change he works with others to make is an outstanding example as participants move through the strengths and challenges of their own work. His support, thoughtfulness, professionalism, and deep knowledge base allow him to facilitate the workshops effortlessly, and to focus on what participants most need to bring their work to fruition. He is the sort of leader and teacher who no doubt has changed and will continue to change many lives for the better throughout his diverse and inspired career. He, and this amazing workshop series, have my highest recommendation.”

Jen Gowers
EdD in Education from Teachers College, Columbia University
Director of Curriculum and Instruction at Equality Charter School