Old – Our Story

What is New Emergence?

Leadership for New Emergence is an innovative company that supports organizations working to find solutions to the world’s most urgent problems through new paradigms of equality, sustainability, and accountability.

We believe that each person, when given the appropriate tools, can unleash his or her leadership potential by drawing on his or her values, creativity, and power for strategic action.  We can all learn to utilize our existing capacities and tap into our potential for equitable change through innovative methodologies.

Why now? 

We believe that finding solutions to the world’s most urgent problems–– a need for inclusive economic growth, sustainability, and investment in the next generation–– depends on our capacity to design and implement large-scale programs that will transform institutions and social structures.

We look to work with those who engage to make a measurable difference; those who view the persistence of poverty, ecological degradation, and the lack of opportunity to live and thrive for so many as a measure of our response to date; those who believe that our future depends on our ability to generate a new reality.

Company Aspirations

We strongly believe that all of us, whether working on the individual, community or structural level, can generate incredible results. We want to develop a better understanding of ways that strategic direction and appropriate development initiatives can encourage people to take effective and transformative action, and to bring these tools for change back to sectors organizations and communities in need.

We live in a time of accelerated change that can largely be attributed to the climate change crisis. We stand at a pivotal moment where major international NGOs, as well as public and private institutions recognize the urgency of the situation and the need to take immediate action. While this collective realization is a vital step in the right direction there still remains a great need for collaborative processes, strong leadership, and skill sets necessary to bring projects to an international scale. Leadership for New Emergence guides promising individuals and organizations as they develop the tools and practices necessary for creating sustainable change in the 21st century.